Sunday, May 22, 2005

An Unlucky Lucky Day

I was going to go to DBAs but never made it. First off the local subway wasn’t making local stops until 42nd Street and DBAs is down between 2nd and 3rd. I had planned on getting off at Bleeker but ended up having to go up to 14th. Nonetheless I started to walk to it and somehow missed the place. Instead I ended up further downtown than I intended and went to Lucky Jack’s instead. I had planned on then walking to DBAs but it had started to rain so I just headed back home. Ah well, not every day can go as planned.

515) Lucky Jack's

The Back Door

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The Front Door

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This place runs the width of the block from 129 Orchard Street to Allen Street (between Delancey Street and Rivington Street. The side on Allen Street is a couple of steps up and houses the red felt covered pool table. That was the side I entered from but everyone was sitting on the other side which, going by the address, must be by their main door. Strange though, because the Allen Street entrance looks like it should be the main entrance. The bar is an ornate twisting copper covered affair that is actually two separate bars. There is a narrow black bar rail. Behind the bar that I was sitting at there is a metal chest filled with ice and a cooler with glass doors. Above that was a black shelf holding the liquor. Above the liquor is a good sized mirror with an ornate frame. Next to the mirror are two small shelves displaying their selection of bottle beers. To the left of that is a framed blackboard displaying their draft beer selections. To the left of that are about fifteen small shelves protruding from the brick wall, each holding one or two bottles of single malt Scotch or specialty bourbon.

The walls are brick and the ceiling is patterned tin. On the wall behind the wood bar chairs with black seats is a narrow shelf with barstools in front of it. Above the ledge is a large mirror flanked by large, framed 50’s style pinups. There were a couple of televisions showing the Yankees/Mets game. Good Irish tunes playing on the sound systems including the Pogues.

When I left the bartender said I should stick around because her boss was going to be coming in and showing her how to make some of the house specialty drinks. She said there would probably be a lot of samples available. I declined, thinking I was still going to make it to DBA. I should have stuck around.

I had a Guinness and called the game on account of rain.

Just one for the day making it 515 for the year and leaving 485 to go.