Wednesday, May 04, 2005

One In Midtown

I decided to pretty much take today off. A friend of mine’s father passed away and their was a small gathering after the funeral at an apartment in midtown. After dropping by to pay my respects I didn’t feel like hitting a lot of bars but did stop at one on the way home.

479) Neary’s

An elegant Irish pub with a carpeted floor at 358 East 57th Street at 1st Avenue. Well, we are in a neighborhood where the elevators in the buildings actually have elevator operators so it is only appropriate that you have carpet on the floor of an Irish pub. An lod wooden bar with a brass rail. Cabinets with wooden doors behind the bar support a decorative wooden structure with mirrors and tiered shelves. At each end is a cupboard with stained glass doors. An overhang with a kind of recreation room type of “ceiling” and recessed lights is over the bar. The rest of the place has this same type of ceiling but with nicer lighting, old syle brass affairs with six small lights with small shades. Maps of Ireland and racing and golf related photographs are on the wall behind the wooden bar chairs. There is nice crystal-ware on the top shelf behind the bar. There is a good-sized dining area in the back. Real friendly, old-style Irish bartenders that are more and more of a rarity these days. It seems to be a neighbor kind of place because everybody seemed to know everybody, including the owner who prowled the place in his suit and tie. He was astute enough to recognize that I wasn’t a regular, although my mysterious Chinese companion pointed out that in her case, at least, he didn’t have to be too astute.

I had a Maker’s Mark Manhattan and headed for the subway home.

Just the one for the day moving me to 479 for the year and 521 left for the year. It is all about controlled pacing as I move toward number 500 at The Gate on May 14th. I sure hope you have your calendar marked.