Friday, April 29, 2005

I Love Tribeca

I love the joy of discovering new places and Tribeca is full of them. I am going to go back here again on Saturday because they are having a street fair related to the Tribeca Film Festival.

456) Mocca Espresso Lounge

On a corner at 78 Reade Street is a place that looks like a fifties soda shop, as it would appear in Grease. A black marble bar top is supported by a large wood frame which surrounds two framed pink plastic panels that are lit from behind. The bar chairs have low backs and lime green cloth covered seats. Behind the bar is a set of coolers with metal doors. The metal top is covered by two bright rubber mats. Behind the mats are pink Lucite tiered shelves holding the liquor. The wall above the shelves, and going up about five feet, is a shiny bluish gray with 3 black and metallic shelves mounted on it. These shelves hold a few more liquor bottles. The wall above that and wrapping around to the right is a yellowish green with a large “Mocca…Feel Different” poster.

On the left behind the bar is an industrial type metal ladder going up to a little platform. A similarly constructed stairway on the other side of the bar goes up to another little platform. I am not sure what these are for, maybe a DJ at night. To the right of the bar along the wall is a pastry display and a place to buy sodas and coffee. The booths are red with holes in the backs and the chairs are the same color as the bar chairs. The front and one side wall are brown wood but dominated by large windows. The floor is black marble-like tile and the ceiling is pale green. Two nice flat-screen televisions are mounted on the walls one each side of the bar.

I had a Tanqueray and tonic.

457) Fresh

This is a sister restaurant to Shore that I visited the other day and Coast, where I haven’t been yet. This one is at 105 Reade Street. The space is large and quite impressive. The bar itself is kind of mundane, old dark wood, plywood with a metallic stain in front and a wooden foot rest that looked like a miniature deck. Metal coolers behind the bar with interesting grayish Lucite shelving on top that holds liquor and glasses. A wooden wine rack sits to the left. Several vases with colorful flowers sat on the bar. The bar chairs were mod looking chrome and dark brown plywood. Small spot lights with yellow cons shaped glass shades hung over the bar. The walls are kind of a sea foam grayish blue and one wall is curved to give the impression of a breaking wave. The ceiling is white and narrow, tubular glass lighting hangs from it. A line of columns bisects the large dining area with white table cloths and elegant place settings. The back wall provides open views into the spic and span and well organized kitchen. Primarily a seafood restaurant, the manager said they only have one non-fish entrée and that only at night. It smells like its name, fresh, and I am noting this as a place to return to for dinner sometime.

I had a Tanqueray and tonic.

458) Reade Street Pub

A long, narrow, fairly dark place. Wood-grained Formica bar with a tile foot rests. Shaded globe lights hang over the bar. The wall behind the bar is paneled with mirrors. Cooler with brown doors along with shelves holding bottles behind the bar. Chalk and white boards hanging on the wall list the beers and a few meal specials. Four televisions and some photos on the walls. There is a shelf above the mirrors that holds a lot of caps and a neat sculpture of iron workers sitting on a metal beam. Dark wood flooring and a brick wall above dark green paneling. A small fireplace. Lots of pictures, photos, and beer company mirrors hang on the walls. A black tin ceiling with school room type lights and fans hanging from it. A suspended railroad track held a non-operating train. An old globe sits on one end of the bar.

I had a Reade Street Ale. How could I not?

459) Dekk

A wide place at 134 Reade Street with an expanse of windows doors open onto the street. A dark blue plastic-like bar with tubular metal barstools with orange seats. Sprays of flowers in various containers, including a 5 gallon water jug, sit on the bar. The walls are a combination of old bricks and white ceramic tiles. Several screens showing movies and the back room is set up somewhat like a screening room. Overhead fans and black shaded lights hang from the white ceiling. A large outdoor eating area in front that was probably quite warm in the sun but inside it was a bit chilly because all of the doors were open. This is an interesting place that would probably be a lot of fun at night. A couple of round benches with the center raised in the middle held a couple of interesting displays of vegetation. Small vases with lilacs and a yellow tulip sit on the tables.

I had a Tanqueray and Tonic.

460) Yaffa’s

Located at the corner of Greenwich and Harrison Streets is Yaffa’s with impressive copper-clad restroom doors that are way down stairs. As you may have guessed, I had to go to the bathroom when I got here. There is a very nice old wood bar with a metal foot rest. The lights over the bar are very intricate beaded affairs and the two lights hanging from the ceiling elsewhere are interesting as well. One is similar to the lights over the bar, but larger, and the other one looks like an inverted bowl of fruit. Nice wood paneled, mirrored, and shelved bar back above coolers with wooden doors. A very large clock hangs on the wall to the right of the bar next to glass windows on Greenwich Street. The tables are covered with decoupage movie themed postcards. A small outdoor eating area on the street as well. A new tin ceiling and an old wood floor. The Tribeca Film Festival Street Fair is scheduled for tomorrow so there is a lot of activity on the street what with booths and stages being set up.

I had a Tanqueray and tonic and then, because I got into an interesting discussion with a couple who were looking to rent in the area, a couple of glasses of wine as well. Ah well, it was the last bar of the day and the subway was near.

Well, back to the numbers, 460 down and 540 left to go. Just two more weeks and I will hit the hump, then it is all down hill, probably in more ways than one.


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