Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Good To Have Goals - Number 500

I am currently planning on hitting bar number 500 on May 14th. I haven't made any decision yet as to which bar that will be, but I plan on it being my only bar of the day. If any of you would care to suggest a bar and, perhaps, join me, please post a comment and let me know your ideas. One condition, of course, it cannot be a bar that I have already frequented.

I think doing this on a Saturday afternoon would be a good idea. Somewhere around 2:00 P.M. sounds good to me.

Looking forward to hearing your ideas.


Tom said...

Dan, I recommend the Gate in Park Slope on 5th ave...why? Because of it's outdoor area where revellers can gather and smoke freely and they have good beers and a nice it's right down the street from me and I can walk there no problem....reason enough?
Welcome back to NY

1000 Bars said...
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1000 Bars said...

Tom, The Gate sounds good to me, let's hear from others, but I will keep your suggestion in mind and will not go there beforehand.

Michael Dietsch said...

The Gate also has a nice tap list, as I recall. Seconded. I also like Spuyten Duyvil, East River, and Spike Hill, all in Williamsburg, although Spuyten Duyvil and East River might not open before 5 on weekends, and Spike Hill has a busy brunch. But East River has a large outdoor area, pretty much directly under the Williamsburg Bridge.

Josh said...

I vote for The Gate as well.

Anonymous said...