Friday, March 11, 2005

Not Much Of A Friday

A slow day today. There is going to be a pot-luck party down at the pool tonight so I spent most of the day buying groceries and making deviled eggs. I pride myself on my deviled eggs even though I only came in second in a deviled egg making contest once. But that is another story altogether.

305) Internet Bar and Cafe

This is kind of sad in that the only bar I am hitting today is the place that I am sitting in writing this. However, The place does have a bar with stools that is separated by a partition from the area where the PCs are located and I did sit at the bar and drink my beer before coming here to write this. It is on Madero, up about a block from the beach and right next to the Hotel Gaviota Vallarta. Across the street is a little place called Los Lobos that bills itself as a nightclub. I will have to make a point of stopping in there one evening.

The bar has a wooden top and a tile front with a large brown, tan, and green diamond pattern. There is a pelican lamp sitting on one end of the bar. There are a lot of pictures of old Mexico behind the bar and, of course, a few of our friend Zapata. Two televisions playing Mexican music videos. I am begining to like them more and more all the time. There is also one of those pictures of a waterfall where it looks like the water is actually flowing down the mountain. There is a fairly large mirror behind the bar with a ceramic elephant head attached to the top. Three shelves of liquor finish off the decor.

Not much point in writing about the rest of the place, it is just an internet cafe with large windows facing the street and large windows in the back looking out on the next door hotel´s swimming pool. The blinds were pulled though so I had to sneak a peek to see this.

I had a Pacifico at the bar and then slid over here to post this.

Creeping along ever so slowly today with 305 down and 695 left to go. Hopefully I can gain a bit more ground next week when my friends show up. The problem will be prying my buddy out of a bar after only one drink. I know how hard it is for me to leave sometimes, and I am a man with a mission!