Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Exit The Monkey

Today is the last day of the Year of the Monkey according to the Chinese calendar. It is also the last day of 4071. I will be heading over to my mother-in-law's house for dinner and will be spending the night. Now don't get excited, my wife will be going with me too. At any rate, I am going to hit a few bars on the way over there, at least one in Grand Central Station while waiting for the train to New Rochelle where my mother-in-law lives. Maybe another one or two walking to her place from the train station. However, I will be unable to document my travels until tomorrow when I can log back onto this blog site.

171) Oyster Bar

Well, true to my promise we hit Grand Central and I figured I would hit a couple of bars while I was there. I headed to the basement and stopped by the venerable Oyster Bar. The whole place has high cathedral ceilings that are mosiac and interestingly lit. The bar itself is a separate enclosed area that has white leather settees with small tables large enough for a few drinks. There are also four larger tables with seating for four. Great overhead lights with metal silhouettes of ships decorating the outer edge. Also silhouettes of famous local boats framed and with a short description of them and an brief explanation of why they were noteworthy, hanging on the walls. The bar itself, although small, was a classic with brass rails and trim.

I had a draft Bluepoint Ale.

172) Oyster Bar Saloon

Although owned by the same people as the Oyster Bar, you do have to walk into a separate room through a set of swinging doors. I think it can legitimately be called a separate bar. This place was also decked out in a nautical theme with pictures of sailing boats on the wall and several encased, fairly intricate, models of boats. They also had pretzels and peanuts on the bar.

I had a Duvel Belgium Golden Ale before I headed off to catch the train.

173) The Public House Sports Bar

After hitting Pelhem I headed to my mother-in-law's house and hit this place on the way. I is right across the street from the Copper Still that I hit on my first night of this venture. It is an old Irish bar that I couldn't stay in very long. Apparently when they got their oil delivery in the morning there was a spill so they had the doors open to air the place out. It smelled really oily and was quite chilly.

I had a Samuel Adam's Winter Lager and headed out.

174) Yvonne's

This is kind of a soul-food restaurant with a separate bar off to the side and with a separate entrance. Pretty pink kind of place, decorated with pictures of black athletes and entertainers. It was pretty obvious that few of the people in the pictures had ever been there. When I commented about the picture of Sleepy Floyd and what a great basketball player he was the bartender said "Oh no, he is an entertainer, a comedian." Well, it was her place, but I don't think so.

I had a Dewars and soda.

That is 174 down and 826 left to go. Went to my mother-in-law's house and had a home-cooked New Years Eve feast. Good-bye Monkey.


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