Sunday, January 16, 2005

Weaker End

Well, I was just going to go down to the deli and get a beer to bring back and drink while I watched the Vikings/Eagles game. The wife then said that as long as I was going out for a beer I might as well stop into a bar so it would count. Ever the cheerleader. Anyway, I decided to take her advice.

83) The Archieves Restaurant and Bar

This is a bar in the Marriott hotel just down a couple of blocks from my place. It is on Adams Street which, if you cross the street becomes Boerum PL (but nobody seems to know what the PL stands for). It is also known as Brooklyn Bridge Blvd. because, if you stay on it heading north, you will cross the Brooklyn Bridge. But enough about geography.

This is a very nice hotel bar as you would expect in a relatively new hotel. It is finished in dark wood and the bar-top is marble. The bartender was very friendly and we chatted about the Jets horrible loss the previous night. There is a wall of windows that, unfortunately, looks out upon a dreary Supreme Court building.

I had a Sierra Nevada and snacked on the contents of a little bowl of snacks.

Hardly worth mentioning, but now there is only 917 bars left to go.